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Sports & Energy

The authors of a new study published in Pediatrics state that teenagers may not get the advice they need in order to use these supplements properly.

From the stellar growth of boswellia and branched-chain amino acids, to declining sales of whey protein and valerian, here are the supplement ingredients that surprised market experts from SPINS this year.

Energy drink makers must keep up with today’s consumer trends, including clean-label and healthy.

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Researchers found that astaxanthin supplementation improved cognitive acuity, physical sensations of fatigue, concentration, motivation, mood, and stress compared to placebo in a human fatigue model.

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DuPont Nutrition & Health shares new research results finding both whey protein alone or a blend of whey and soy proteins may help curb muscle loss in older men.

Image provided by Lesaffre Human Care

Lesaffre Human Care says its new Lynside ProteYn line of yeast proteins offers a competitive nutritional profile to proteins from dairy and plant sources.

Photo © iStockphoto.com/Nancy Nehring

The New Dietary Ingredient notification for Algae Health Sciences’ AstaZine natural astaxanthin is the first in the industry to exceed a dosage of 12 mg per day, the firm says.


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