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Sports & Energy

Sports & Energy

The study authors say that the combination of Deerland Enzyme and Probiotics’ DE111 Bacillus subtilis probiotic strain with “adequate post-workout nutrition” improved body composition and overall athletic performance and shows potential for use by both professional and recreational athletes.

From beauty-from-within and joint health to blood sugar and beyond

The peer-reviewed study examined GanedenBC30’s potential effects on muscle integrity during intense military training and found that its presence increases the previously studied benefits of HMB.

Consumer demand for healthier food and drink options is fueling growth of the functional-coffee space, where a diverse array of products are proving that coffee and tea are overdue for a major change.

The authors conclude that short- and long-term creatine supplementation in dosages up to 30 g/day for up to five years has no adverse side effects, improves athletic performance, and can potentially help prevent injury and promote recovery.

The study evaluated PerfLoad’s ability to improve metabolic homeostasis and physical performance during high-intensity exercises under anaerobic conditions.


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