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Sports & Energy

Sports & Energy

Photo © Sebastian Kaulitzki/Shutterstock.com

Subjects consuming the bioactive collagen peptides demonstrated statistically significant improvements in activity-related pain intensity.

Photo © iStockphoto.com/kieferpix

New study results suggest Oxyjun, an arjuna extract developed by Enovate Biolife, may increase cardiovascular efficiency and improve cardiac conditioning in young men.

Marketers are finding new opportunities to teach consumers about the benefits of immune-health products.

A new bill introduced in the New York State Assembly seeks to prohibit the sale or distribution of creatine to minors.

Photo © Daniel_Dash/Shutterstock.com

NPA has formed a partnership with the Informed-Choice testing program to expand the reach of its efforts to test for banned substances in U.S. supplements for athletes.

Photo © iStockphoto.com/Pali Rao

Researchers also found that the Peak ATP ingredient from TSI enhanced peak power and muscle excitability.

Photo © iStockphoto.com/mediaphotos

Metabolic Technologies has launched a new website for its MyoeDge product, a combination of vitamin D3 and calcium beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB).


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