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What If FDA Regulates “Natural” Claims on Food Labels?

What does a world with a "natural" definition look like?

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Enzymotec says its low-sodium K-REAL krill oil now meets the criteria for a blood pressure health claim in Europe.

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New research suggests Nutrition 21’s Nitrosigine may offer improvements to mental flexibility, speed of processing, and executive function under pressure.

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The additional patent protection covers specific ratios of Reb D blends with all sweeteners, not just steviol glycosides.

What does a world with a "natural" definition look like?

As part of the agreement, Naturex is licensing the right to utilize a proprietary European Union-approved health claim for this ingredient.

HarvestPro Wheat Protein 85 is said to have an improved amino acid profile with high levels of glutamine and proline compared to soy and whey protein isolates.

“These healthier algae products have tremendous potential to make a positive impact in nutrition and functionality for our customers around the globe,” said Bunge’s CEO Soren Schroder.

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