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Valerian 101

What you need to know about this centuries-old sleep aid

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What you need to know about this centuries-old sleep aid

The company says that its new K-Real Gold krill oil features greater levels of highly concentrated omega-3s and astaxanthin and is free of TMAO and TMA.

Attorney Scott Bass, who helped draft the DSHEA law of 1994, says that Congress did not intend “dietary substances” only to be limited to ingredients that are nutritional—and that this should mean that synthetic botanicals and probiotics count as dietary ingredients and be eligible for use in dietary supplements.

New study results recently presented at June’s International Conference on Children’s Bone Health in Germany indicate that children with low vitamin K2 status may be at greater risk of developing low-energy bone fractures.

The company is also opening a new innovation center in addition to the new production facility.

Kemin says that the study results support Neumentix’s potential for use in the sports and nootropic markets.

Ken Seguine, an industry veteran with 25 years of experience in the natural products industry, has been appointed head of the New York Algatechnologies office.

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