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Kid Nutrition: Ingredients for Healthy Snacking

In combination, protein and fiber not only replace empty calories with greater nutrient density, but also lower overall calorie intake from snacks...


Supplement Sellers Jailed for Failing to Complete Recalls

FTC orders required Jared Wheat and Stephen Smith of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals to recall their deceptive weight-loss products.


Supplement-Related Liver Injuries Are Up, But No Cause for Blanket Warning, Says CRN

Supplement-related liver injuries rose from 7% to 20% between 2004-2013.


More Chia Suppliers Reassure Against Salmonella

PNI is the latest chia supplier reassuring customers about chia safety, following industry reports of Salmonella-related recalls.


Hibiscus Gets a Scientific Review

Researchers in London and Germany have compiled the findings of dozens of hibiscus studies in a single review.


Ingredient Spotlight: Hibiscus

An ancient flower blossoms into a valued ingredient.


U.S. Herbal Supplement Sales Growth Reaches Highest Level Since 1990s

The American Botanical Council reports these estimates in its latest issue of HerbalGram.


Nutritional Outlook July/August 2014

Which Testing Technologies Are the Most Cost-Efficient for Your Dietary Supplement Company?

Choosing the right testing techniques while still keeping an eye on the bottom line.

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