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Koochikoo’s sugar-free cookies are sweetened with monk fruit and agave inulin.

Blood Sugar Dietary Supplement, Food Products in the Mainstream Market

Though not always positioned specifically for diabetes, product launches for blood sugar management are also emphasizing low GI and general health...


Chromium Picolinate Supplements Can Save U.S. Healthcare Near $8 Billion for Diabetes-Related Heart Disease

For just pennies a day, chromium picolinate supplements can save the U.S. economy significantly in diabetes-related coronary heart disease...


Vitamins High Priority for Americans in 2015, Survey Says

Survey suggests Americans are more committed to taking vitamins than eating a healthy breakfast every day.


CRN Foundation Pledges to Fund Supplement Advertising Watchdog NAD through 2017

The NAD self-regulatory program for the dietary supplement industry will continue for at least another three years.


Menopause Showdown: EstroG-100 Goes Head-to-Head with Black Cohosh

An upcoming study strives to compare an established menopause supplement with a relative newcomer to the market.


Pycnogenol Shortens Cold Symptoms In Study

Extract from French maritime pine tree bark may ease wide range of common cold symptoms.


Ingestible Collagen May Keep Facial Skin Looking Young

TruMarine fish collagen peptide fights wrinkles, age spots, visible pores, and uneven skin texture in a new study.


High PAC–Cranberry Study Shows Powerful Bacterial Anti-Adhesion

Moreover, advanced fingerprint analysis enabled researchers to exactly match a lot number used in a previous study and confidently duplicate the...


Nutritional Outlook December 2014 Issue

Nutritional Outlook's Best of 2014

Nutritional Outlook's editors and readers choose the industry's best companies and organizations in 2014.