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U.S., Canada to Convene on Use of Chronic Disease Endpoints in DRI Reviews

Stakeholders will keep a close eye, looking for clues as to when the DRI committees will make a decision on which nutrients to grant new DRI...


Methods for Salmonella Control in Rooibos Tea

Why is this important? Previous studies have found Salmonella present in rooibos after pasteurization.

Charles Ross’s new and improved HSM-703XC Ultra-High-Shear Mixer

New Equipment Advances Make Better Dietary Supplements, Foods, and Beverages

Two equipment developers announced recent upgrades that dietary supplement and healthy food/beverage manufacturers will appreciate.


Stevia, Monk Fruit Blend Has Similar Mouthfeel as Sugar

The addition of monk fruit extract acts as a natural flavor enhancer to mask the off-notes associated with stevia, the firm says.


Krill Supplement Benefits from Capsule Technology

Capsugel says that Licaps is an effective technology for avoiding capsule leaks and masking the strong taste and odor of krill oil.


Meta-Analysis: Plant-Based Diets for Type 2 Diabetes

Can avoiding meat consumption improve biomarkers for type 2 diabetes?


Algae Omega-3 Supplier Sees First Commercial Launch

Qualitas has been studying the stability of its algal oil compared to that of krill oil.


Nutritional Outlook December 2014 Issue

Nutritional Outlook's Best of 2014

Nutritional Outlook's editors and readers choose the industry's best companies and organizations in 2014.