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Drink Boxes: How Paper Cartons Moved In on the Water Market

Actually, water is somewhat late to the paper-packaging party.


CRN Announces Melatonin Supplement Guidelines

The new guidelines set serving size recommendations and label advisories for melatonin supplements for sleep support.


Can an Ancient Grain Reduce Cardiovascular Risk in Patients?

Italian researchers studied the cardio benefits of Kamut, a commercial-branded khorasan wheat ingredient.


Non-Animal Chitosan May Help with Weight Loss

A soon-to-be-published clinical study sheds some more positive light on the potential weight loss benefits of chitosan.


8 New Functional Food Innovations

Probiotic breakfast burritos, cricket chips, tea popsicles, and more enter the functional foods arena.


How the Healthcare Professional Evaluates Dietary Supplements

Sorting through the fads and pitches


L-Citrulline Plus Setria Glutathione May Support Muscles After Exercise

A new study suggests a combination of Setria glutathione and L-citrulline may be effective at increasing nitric oxide levels after exercise.


Ingredient Spotlight: Salacia oblonga

The latest research on Salacia oblonga's health benefits


Nutritional Outlook June 2015 Issue

Are Dietary Supplements Going Gluten-Free?

Consumers are demanding gluten-free foods, but what of gluten-free dietary supplements?