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Dietary Supplement Industry in the Crosshairs: Takeaways from the New York Attorney General Investigation

What can industry take away from this year’s New York Attorney General probe?

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Glanbia’s HarvestPro Pea Protein 83EF offers reduced bitter green pea notes, according to sensory trials.

Learn about consumer trends in the nutritional supplement industry such as the increase in demand for natural products and innovative dosage form solutions that meet the growing needs of the consumer market.

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New study results suggest a yogurt containing Mobilee may improve knee strength in men suffering from medium knee pain.

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Mushrooms can be a good source of dietary vitamin D, as long as they are exposed to sunlight or UV radiation.

According to InnoVactiv, the NeuroPeak PS line “includes a complete offering of powder and liquid PS of various potencies."

Sublime contains phospholipids, choline, omega-3 PUFAs, and astaxanthin.

Step aside, pre- and probiotics. There is another chapter to the digestive-health story called “plusbiotics,” says GCI Nutrients.

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