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Immune Support

Immune Support

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A new meta-analysis of more than 25 studies provides evidence that vitamin D supplementation may be beneficial to immune health.

Marketers are finding new opportunities to teach consumers about the benefits of immune-health products.

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Ganeden says its proprietary probiotic strain is now the first and only spore-forming probiotic allowed to be used specifically in infant formulas.

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Bergstrom Nutrition’s methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) ingredient was found to mitigate the inflammatory response to strenuous exercise in a new study.

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Children around three years old who supplemented with the oral-health probiotic showed significantly fewer episodes of streptococcal pharyngitis and acute otitis media than a control group.

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Valensa International has announced an agreement to commercialize Algal Scientific Corporation’s PureAlgal branded ingredients on the U.S. immune-health market.

Prebiotic insiders insist that the category could take off in the next few years as more consumers begin embracing the health benefits of prebiotics.


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