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Kimberly J. Decker

Kimberly J. Decker

Kimberly J. Decker writes for the food and nutrition industries from her base in the San Francisco area, where she enjoys eating food as much as she does writing about it.

Posts by Author

Plant protein is unstoppable, with more options at formulators’ fingertips than ever before.

Added sugars are in the crosshairs of FDA’s revised Nutrition Facts label. Here’s how companies are cutting the sugar.

Expanding the frontiers of probiotics research to the brain and the heart.

From clinical research to pricing and supply, here’s what you need to know about CoQ10 these days.

Study participants consumed either a cookie made with Versafibe 1490 or a placebo.

A study recently published in the British Journal of Dermatology shows that both a lycopene-rich tomato nutrient complex (TNC) and lutein may protect skin against UVA/B and UVA1 radiation at a molecular level.

Supplementation both protected elderly subjects against upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) and reduced the duration of any URTIs that did occur.

Will a widening audience give energy products staying power?

A meta-analysis recently published in the World of Gastroenterology strengthens previous conclusions about the capacity of ibSium, a yeast supplement from Lesaffre Human Care, to alleviate symptoms of gastrointestinal disorder.

A clinical study demonstrated that the HolisFit polyphenol supplement ingredient improves measures of mental and physical wellbeing in overweight and slightly obese volunteers.


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