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Kimberly J. Decker

Kimberly J. Decker

Kimberly J. Decker writes for the food and nutrition industries from her base in the San Francisco area, where she enjoys eating food as much as she does writing about it.

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In its letter to the ITC, FDA “respectfully submits” that the Commission not initiate an investigation, citing several reasons.

Ganeden said that this research further validate's Staimune's track record of immune health support.

New research is pushing collagen from strength to strength.

But what do we really know about how these ingredients unlock protein’s potential—and what evidence do we have that they actually do so?

“The key to continued probiotic growth is to expand the user base—have it go more mainstream,” says Dupont’s Megan DeStefano. “To do this, we need to attract new consumers through new and different benefits beyond immune and digestive health.”

If White House policy is to regulate with a lighter touch, does it stand to reason that inspectors on the ground might be less inclined to dole out Form 483s for what some would argue are nominal violations?

The detox category’s had its ups and downs, enjoying wild popularity and bullish sales, even as it comes in for criticism from the medical community and others.

One market researcher predicts a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for Ayurvedic products of up to 16% from 2016 through 2021.

The prospect that dietary supplements might help bend the healthcare cost curve is worth examining.

Here’s what hemp CBD has going in its favor—and what challenges it still has to overcome.


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