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Weight Management Nutrition

Weight Management Nutrition

The Carbohydrate, Appetite Reduction, Blood Sugar, and Satiety (CARBS) study found that Salacia extract, as OmniActive’s proprietary OmniLean ingredient, may help to control subjects’ appetites and improve overall satiety.

What research says about green coffee’s ability to support metabolic health

Emerging research supports probiotics for a range of conditions, from allergies to oral health.

The study findings demonstrate capsaicinoids’ potential for managing weight.

The prospective study, which included 135,335 participants, found that excessive consumption of carbohydrates is a contributing factor to total mortality.

The study found that, in addition to increasing appetite control, Advantra Z also increased subjects’ energy levels.

New studies on garlic focus on coronary plaque reduction, immune health, liver function, and weight management.


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