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Photograph by Michael Vadon/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA-4.0.

In a letter sent to President-Elect Trump this week, NPA details top priorities for the supplement industry, including maternal and child nutrition, regulating NDIs, enforcing against kratom products, and more.

As Donald Trump is sworn in as President of the United States next week, Nutritional Outlook asks industry experts how his presidency could change the face of dietary-supplement contract manufacturing.

Photo © iStockphoto.com/1905HKN

The supplement product’s extensive marketing campaign for memory benefits is based on “false and unsubstantiated claims,” according to the FTC.

Photo © iStockphoto.com/royaltystockphoto

The new guidelines propose a multitude of best practices for the labeling, storing, and stability testing of dietary supplements and functional foods that include probiotics.

“It is critical for us to be proactive immediately in the new year rather than reactive,” says NPA's Dan Fabricant.

According to Kemin, ZeaOne is the first dietary (3R,3’R) zeaxanthin ingredient derived from marigold flowers with an FDA-acknowledged GRAS notification.

Foods and beverages, including bakery, nutrition bar, and cereal and pasta products, can now use the claim.


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