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Attorney Scott Bass, who helped draft the DSHEA law of 1994, says that Congress did not intend “dietary substances” only to be limited to ingredients that are nutritional—and that this should mean that synthetic botanicals and probiotics count as dietary ingredients and be eligible for use in dietary supplements.

This standard is the first Codex Alimentarius standard for fish oil as well as krill oil.

The company says its stevia-derived antioxidant is especially rich in chlorogenic acids and has an ORAC value of approximately 9000. The company also announced its first ever branded stevia leaf, StarLeaf.

Added sugars are in the crosshairs of FDA’s revised Nutrition Facts label. Here’s how companies are cutting the sugar.

Maritech fucoidan ingredients are the first and only high-purity fucoidan extracts to achieve GRAS status, says the company.

The NPA claims that FDA’s labeling changes would overly burden the food and supplement industries, and says that the new regulations around added sugars are duplicitous and that the agency’s new definition of dietary fiber is not backed by scientific or empirical studies.

GAO found that, of 490 memory supplements identified in its report, 28 of those supplements featured advertisements claiming to treat or prevent memory-related diseases—claims that are generally prohibited by federal law.


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