PhytoClean Solvent-Free Extraction Process Gets Top Billing in Commercial Launch from Life Extension

Apr 24, 2017

The first-ever retail product advertising the PhytoClean solvent-free extraction process is now on the market, says Mazza Innovation (Delta, BC, Canada), innovator of the PhytoClean method. The product is Life Extension’s Mediterranean Whole Food Blend, an extract blend standardized to 25% polyphenols from grapes, olives, pomegranates, black walnuts, pecans, artichokes, and lentils.

PhytoClean is a unique, proprietary, environmentally friendly extraction process using water and no chemical solvents. Mazza describes the process this way: “PhytoClean employs an environmentally responsible extraction method that applies heat and pressure to water to lower its polarity, causing it to behave like an organic solvent.” The firm says that pressurizing water at “moderate” temperatures enables the water to better “solubilize bioactive compounds”—so much so, the company says, that it “generally provides better yields and purities than industrial solvents.”

Life Extension’s label for Mediterranean Whole Food Blend promotes PhytoClean front and Center, advertising the product as a “farm-to-capsule blend using PhytoClean technology.”

“This is a significant milestone for Mazza, as Life Extension’s Mediterranean Whole Food Blend is the first product on the market to carry the PhytoClean seal on the label to meet its solvent-free and clean-label standard,” said Benjamin Lightburn, president of Mazza Innovation, in a press release.

“Mazza’s PhytoClean extraction process uses only water, and this ensures that Life Extension’s Mediterranean Whole Food Blend has superior ingredients, without unnecessary additives,” said Andrew Swick, PhD, senior vice president, product development and scientific affairs, Life Extension, in the same press release.


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