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Digestive Health

Digestive Health

Are all fermented foods probiotic? Do probiotics delivered in a topically applied skin cream really work? Probiotics expert Ganeden takes us through five of the most common myths surrounding probiotics.

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Ganeden says its proprietary probiotic strain is now the first and only spore-forming probiotic allowed to be used specifically in infant formulas.

According to supplier ADM/Matsutani LLC, Fibersol-DLQ is for formulators who want to make a fiber claim but without including a “high percentage of fiber.”

Prebiotic insiders insist that the category could take off in the next few years as more consumers begin embracing the health benefits of prebiotics.

In 2017, probiotic-industry leaders are taking steps to protect their market position by ensuring that bad actors aren’t misleading consumers with mislabeled products.

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Axim Biotech announces that its CanChew Plus CBD gum will be the subject of a new human clinical trial on irritable bowel syndrome.

One expert reviews the benefits of prebiotics for better gut health.


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