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Brain Health

Brain Health

As calcium sales continue to slip and magnesium sales continue to rise, at least one expert believes the day will come when magnesium overtakes calcium as the bestselling standalone mineral supplement.

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Adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha are making waves in supplement products for stress relief with support from recent research.

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The supplement product’s extensive marketing campaign for memory benefits is based on “false and unsubstantiated claims,” according to the FTC.

From the stellar growth of boswellia and branched-chain amino acids, to declining sales of whey protein and valerian, here are the supplement ingredients that surprised market experts from SPINS this year.

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Researchers found that astaxanthin supplementation improved cognitive acuity, physical sensations of fatigue, concentration, motivation, mood, and stress compared to placebo in a human fatigue model.

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Nutrition 21’s Nitrosigine was found to improve participants’ ability in tests requiring mental flexibility, processing speed, and executive function.

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New research results out of the University of Missouri suggest zebrafish taking probiotics experienced lower levels of stress-related behaviors and neurological changes.


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