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Brain Health

Brain Health

The latest research on brain health ingredients indicates products are meeting consumer needs and offer significant opportunity for category growth.

Recent studies indicate magnesium’s growing importance for mental health, arterial flexibility, and metabolic function.

The company says that its Super B liquid supplement is meant to be dropped under the tongue, and thus, is absorbed by the body more quickly and effectively than traditional pill vitamins.

With new consumer-focused marketing campaigns geared toward need, rather than prevention, OmniActive is getting the word out about Lutemax 2020’s mood, stress, and even sleep benefits.

The first ingredient, called Quantum IQ, is a patented, standardized kesum extract (Polygonum minus).

Ingredients for better sleep, relaxation, and improved mood are backed by promising science.

The company rolled out several botanical-based concepts centered on these two hot-topic health areas.


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