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The company says that the new DHA concentrates meet consumer demand for 100%-sustainable DHA formulations.

Will brands and formulators have to do better than simply offering higher concentrates in order to keep consumer interested in omega-3s supplements?

In two filings submitted to the International Trade Commission, CRN argued that Amarin was “financially motivated” to expand its near monopoly over a subset of omega-3 products; if successful, CRN says, Amarin’s complaint would make it much more difficult and costly for consumers to access those products.

The event, which will take place February 6-8 in Seattle, will cover important issues and controversies in the omega-3 market.

Amarin’s ITC complaint alleges that synthetically produced omega-3 products that are predominantly composed of EPA in either ethyl ester or re-esterified form are not considered “dietary ingredients” under Section 201(ff)(1) of the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act, and thus, are not legal dietary supplements but unapproved new drugs.

The meta-analysis, comprising 14 randomized, controlled trials featuring 71,899 subjects, found that omega-3s EPA and DHA supplementation may reduce the risk of cardiac death by 8%, and that benefits may be even greater for subjects with elevated triglycerides or LDL cholesterol.

Neptune will quit its bulk krill oil manufacturing and distribution business, with remaining krill oil inventory and IP transferring to Aker BioMarine.


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