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Herbs & Botanicals

Herbs & Botanicals

The recently published peer-reviewed study suggests a mechanism by which these polyphenols may exert their joint-health benefits.

As consumer demand for natural ingredients continues to grow, lesser–known botanicals, backed by millennia-old healing traditions and supported by contemporary research, are poised to steal the spotlight in 2018.

The powder was developed with Olene's patented Aqueosome processing technology, which allows for the safe production of ginger oleoresin powder without the use of solvents, and which purportedly yields a finished active-compound standardization level greater than 26 percent.

The company said that consumers’ failure to correctly identify “bad” cholesterol highlights the importance of consumer education.

The latest research on brain health ingredients indicates products are meeting consumer needs and offer significant opportunity for category growth.

The rising popularity of medicinal mushrooms is opening up new avenues of growth for savvy manufacturers, but these avenues can be fraught with pitfalls and risk for the unprepared.


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