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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

FDA draft guidance has given the sodium-reduction movement new life, and ingredients old and new are rising to the challenge.

Food and beverage companies in particular are of high interest to investors, said NCN.

In public comments released today in response to FDA’s recent draft guidance on dietary fiber, two industry associations told the agency that the agency’s criteria for what is considered a dietary fiber are too stringent.

Last year, the EU Commission authorized a new Article 13.5 health claim stating that when non-digestible carbohydrates are used as sugar replacers, these ingredients can induce a lower postprandial blood glucose rise compared to food and drinks containing sugar.

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Ganeden says its proprietary probiotic strain is now the first and only spore-forming probiotic allowed to be used specifically in infant formulas.

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Researchers in Scotland have announced plans to develop more efficient and cost-effective methods of producing natural blue colorant from spirulina algae.

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Innova Market Insights reports that fruit-based snacks are now the number-three subcategory within snacks overall when it comes to new product development.


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