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Trends & Business

Trends & Business

Life Extension’s label for Mediterranean Whole Food Blend promotes PhytoClean front and Center, advertising the product as a “farm-to-capsule blend using PhytoClean technology.”

Market researcher Mintel and beverage specialist Flavorman talk about the evolution of sports drinks.

Experts discuss emerging adulterants, strategies for catching adulteration, and whether the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act has made a difference.

Anagenix specializes in New Zealand-grown kiwifruit-based ingredients that support digestive health.

Finnish organic ingredient supplier Eevia and ingredient distributor Barrington Nutritionals (Harrison, NY) have signed a distribution deal that sees Barrington Nutritionals distributing Eevia’s organic-certified portfolio in North America.

AIDP is now an exclusive U.S. distributor of Weishardt International’s Naticol, a marine Type I collagen peptide ingredient for joint and skin health.


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