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The study findings demonstrate capsaicinoids’ potential for managing weight.

In the animal study, researchers sought to establish the extent to which Aquamin, a calcium-rich, algae-based multi-mineral complex ingredient, might outperform other calcium carbonate–based calcium supplements commonly used to help prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis.

The study established that, not only does the combination of Compound Solutions’ TeaCrine theacrine and caffeine enhance theacrine’s potency, it is also safe, with heart rate and blood pressure unaffected by co-administration.

The prospective study, which included 135,335 participants, found that excessive consumption of carbohydrates is a contributing factor to total mortality.

The detox category’s had its ups and downs, enjoying wild popularity and bullish sales, even as it comes in for criticism from the medical community and others.

Recent stability tests evaluated ProDura’s ability to survive different pH and storage conditions for beverage products.

The study found that, in addition to increasing appetite control, Advantra Z also increased subjects’ energy levels.


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