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New studies on krill oil, egg phospholipids, and phospholipid-based curcumin

Health-and-wellness ingredient developer Fytexia (Vendres, France) has announced the publication of a clinical study1 demonstrating that its HolisFit polyphenol supplement ingredient improves measures of mental and physical wel

According to the company, both studies, not published, were conducted at Rutgers University using peer-reviewed and published methods.

New meta-analysis study results suggest DuPont's B. lactis HN019 probiotic may enhance natural-killer cell and polymorphonuclear function in healthy older adults.

A pilot study showed that a supplement containing EVTene, a mixed-carotenoid complex, effectively modulated abdominal adiposity and levels of cell-signaling proteins known as adipokines in obese children.

Plus, advancing science to find new ways to measure cranberry’s key actives

NattoPharma announced that the company’s NattoPharma International Research Network has received a €4 million grant from the European Commission’s research program, Horizon 2020, to study vitamin K2’s role in vascular health.


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