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The company reported its biggest loss since going public in 2009, which it said is due in part to declining sports nutrition sales.

Savvy shoppers are rejecting artificial colors—and they’re willing to pay more for the real deal—but creating stable, natural colors is still a challenge.  

The associations, along with the U.S Anti-Doping Agency, said that they support FDA’s recent efforts to crack down on the unlawful manufacturing of body-building products containing selective androgen receptor modulators.

The company said that consumers’ failure to correctly identify “bad” cholesterol highlights the importance of consumer education.

The results from the pilot trial indicated that EpiCor may provide gastrointestinal benefits for those experiencing constipation and gastrointestinal discomfort.

The study found that bilberry extract, in the form of Indena S.p.A.’s Mirtoselect, is naturally bioavailable and may play a key role in improving tear secretion and plasmatic antioxidant potential in subjects suffering from dry eye.

The company says that its Super B liquid supplement is meant to be dropped under the tongue, and thus, is absorbed by the body more quickly and effectively than traditional pill vitamins.

The proposed legislation, introduced by State Representative Kay Khan earlier this year, is an updated version of a bill first introduced in 2015.

The company said its Promond ingredient—its first protein powder ingredient—is a sustainably sourced answer to consumer demand for dairy and meat protein alternatives.

The Carbohydrate, Appetite Reduction, Blood Sugar, and Satiety (CARBS) study found that Salacia extract, as OmniActive’s proprietary OmniLean ingredient, may help to control subjects’ appetites and improve overall satiety.


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