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The company is also opening a new innovation center in addition to the new production facility.

Kemin says that the study results support Neumentix’s potential for use in the sports and nootropic markets.

According to the study authors, preliminary animal data indicate that microorganisms are transferred to the placenta and fetus intestinal tract during pregnancy, and suggest that the fetal intestine is not sterile but rather populated with microorganisms.

The flavors, extracts, and essences supplier says that the new, LEED-certified facility will add an additional 40,000 sq ft, bringing the size of its corporate campus to 200,000 sq ft.

The company says that its meringue-like sweetener can be formulated with different types of sweeteners in addition to stevia.

The in vitro study found that the presence of BC30 both increased protein digestion uptake in the upper gastrointestinal tract and promoted a healthier environment in the colon.

The study authors say that the combination of Deerland Enzyme and Probiotics’ DE111 Bacillus subtilis probiotic strain with “adequate post-workout nutrition” improved body composition and overall athletic performance and shows potential for use by both professional and recreational athletes.

From up-and-coming flavor trends like spicy gochujang to new applications for guilt-free, indulgent flavors, companies like Synergy Flavors, Gold Coast Ingredients, and Innova Market Insights discussed growing trends and innovative applications.

Companies like Cargill and Beneo say that clean-label starches are more in demand than ever, and that it’s a market with room to grow.


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