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Innova Market Insights

Innova Market Insights

Innova Market Insights is your source for new-product data. The Innova Database (www.innovadatabase.com) is the product of choice for the whole product-development team, offering excellent product pictures, search possibilities, and analysis. See what food manufacturers are doing around the world: track trends, competitors, ingredients, and flavors. In today’s fast-moving environment, this is a resource you cannot afford to be without.


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Where do probiotic foods, beverages, and supplements stand today?

Clean-label marketing and “low” and “light” claims drive energy drink interest. Plus: Interest in the energy category is not limited to the energy drinks market alone.

Opportunities in the children’s health products market.

Snack makers turn to healthy claims.

In the U.S., there has been strong interest in super-premium, single-serve formulations.

Energy drink makers must keep up with today’s consumer trends, including clean-label and healthy.

Consumer demand for natural and clean-label is driving natural sweeteners like stevia. But there’s still lots of opportunity for growth.

Top trends like paleo and gluten-free continue driving the healthy-snacks market.

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Sports performance products are gaining fans everywhere, but some product types are proving more popular than others.

Clean-label, better-for-you options are taking over the soft drinks space.


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