Vitamin K2 from Kappa Bioscience receives regulatory approval in China and Mexico

February 13, 2020

K2Vital, a branded vitamin K2 MK-7 from Kappa Bioscience (Oslo, Norway) was approved in China for use in children’s health and maternal milk powders, and approved as safe for use in Mexico, expanding the global footprint of vitamin K2. China’s approval of the ingredient represents the first Chinese approval of synthetically manufactured vitamin K2 MK-7. The approval also covers microencapsulated K2Vital Delta, a stability solution for products that include minerals.

“The approval of synthetically-produced K2 MK-7 in China validates the reasons for K2Vital market growth globally,” said Peter Wisler, distributor liaison for Kappa, in a press release. “What is really interesting is that it demonstrates how Asia is perhaps ahead of world markets in recognizing K2 for children’s health. K2-fortified beverages for children are common in markets like Vietnam where milk consumption is low. K2 plays an important role in bone growth in children, and powder and beverage formats increasingly used as a solution.”

In formulations, vitamin K2 is a natural complement to vitamin D3, and provides synergistic benefits to calcium, magnesium, and omega-3s to support bone and heart health.