Wixon to launch flavor modifier for hemp-derived CBD

August 29, 2019

Wixon (St. Francis, WI) is launching a new taste modifier for hemp-derived CBD called Green-Away. The modifier directly targets the bitter and undesirable taste of hemp-derived CBD in applications without imparting sweetness or affecting any other flavor aspects. Green-Away will join Wixon’s newly relaunched Mag-nifique portfolio of flavor modifiers.

“Green-Away for CBD is the newest addition to our Mag-nifique custom taste portfolio,” says Mel Mann, director of innovation, Wixon, in a press release. “And much in the same way as with our other Mag-nifique taste modifiers, Green-Away gives us the ability to mask bitterness and off-notes often associated with hemp-derived CBD.”

Like the rest of the Mag-nifique portfolio, Green-Away will be labeled as a natural flavor, and available in liquid, dry, and non-GMO formulations.