Euromed introduces Earth Harmony Organic Extracts

May 22, 2020

Euromed (Mollet del Vallès, Spain) has introduced a new line called Earth Harmony Organic Extracts. The extracts are manufactured under the highest European standard of organic certification: European Union EEC834/2007. In addition, Euromed organic shipments from its two Spanish facilities to the United States are accompanied by a U.S. National Organic Program (NOP) Import Certificate, which means that the Earth Harmony Organic Extracts may be used in food and dietary supplements that are labeled organic in the U.S.

“Earth Harmony Organic Extracts represent the pinnacle of our commitment to traceability through the intrinsic exhaustive level of documentation imperative to achieve EU organic certification,” said Andrea Zangara, head of scientific communications and marketing of Euromed SA, in a press release. All raw materials have to satisfy extensive parameters, from international botanical monographs, including comprehensive potential impurity testing.