ChromaDex partners with Persona Nutrition, expanding partnership with Nestlé Health Science

February 12, 2020

Tru Niagen (nicotinamide riboside), the flagship supplement from ChromaDex Corp. (Los Angeles, CA), is now an offering in Nestlé Health Science’s personalized nutrition service – Persona Nutrition. In December 2018, ChromaDex signed a license and supply agreement with Nestlé Health Science for Niagen, giving Nestlé the exclusive right to include Niagen in its branded medical nutrition, and co-exclusive rights to include Niagen in certain products within the consumer health category.

“We appreciate Persona’s focus on personalized health and customer experience for its subscribers,” said ChromaDex CEO Rob Fried, in a press release.  “Nestlé Health Science shares our commitment to science, and we are pleased to extend our partnership with them to include personalized nutrition.”

“Cellular health is at the core of the concept of beauty, from the inside out. As more health-conscious consumers want to optimize their health and wellness holistically, we are proud to partner with ChromaDex to offer its leading NAD-boosting Tru Niagen supplement to our customers,” said Persona CEO Jason Brown, in a press release. “Tru Niagen is supported by published clinical studies and manufactured with the highest standard of safety and quality, which fits in nicely with our current portfolio of top-of-the-line nutritional supplements.”