Bioenergy Life Science introduces new applications and markets for Bioenergy Ribose

June 26, 2019

Bioenergy Life Science (Ham Lake, MN) is expanding into new applications and markets with four new ribose-related intellectual properties (IP). GRAS affirmed, Non-GMO Project Verified, kosher, and halal, Bioenergy Rose has been clinically proven to increase ATP levels which accelerates energy production, increases performance, reduces muscle stiffness, and increases endurance.

The new IP applications and markets for Bioenergy Ribose are heart health, animal nutrition, cosmetics, and plant growth. For heart health, Bioenergy Ribose supports healthy blood flow, and in a cosmetic, the ingredient can be used in both topical and oral applications to support skin health, and appearance. In animal nutrition, Bioenergy Ribose is positioned to support growth, energy, and performance in dogs, horses and other pets. In plants, the ingredient is for uniform, accelerated plant growth.

“Our expansion of ribose into new markets is part of its inevitable evolution,” said Michael Crabtree, ND, the firm’s director of science affairs and technology, in a press release. “Bioenergy Life Science is committed to accelerating our research and development to maximize the diverse potential of this natural, functional ingredient.”