Ardent Mills acquires the operations of quinoa wholesaler Andean Naturals

February 6, 2020

Ardent Mills (Denver, CO) to acquire Andean Naturals Inc.’s quinoa sourcing, cleaning, and packaging operation in Yuba City, CA to further invest in specialty grain capabilities and The Annex by Ardent Mills. The purchase is expected to be finalized in mid-February 2020.

“Our industry is rapidly changing as consumers’ appetite for variety in their diets continues to increase,” said Dan Dye, CEO of Ardent Mills, in a press release. “As a result, we are making proactive investments in The Annex to meet consumer demand for high-quality, nutritious grains and other sources of plant-based ingredients. With this acquisition, we will be able to offer a complete solution for quinoa and other gluten-free ingredients.”

The new Yuba City facility would be Ardent Mills’ first gluten-free sourcing and cleaning facility with the ability to expand to additional grains. This acquisition follows a number of efforts by Ardent Mills to invest in specialty grains, including an exclusive partnership with Colorado Quinoa, and making improvements to a Denver, CO community mill located in the River North Art District.

“For Andean Naturals, this mutually beneficial acquisition is the natural progression of our mission to share quinoa with the world. While we’ve built expertise in quinoa sourcing and connections to South American farmers, Ardent Mills brings milling and technical expertise, access to markets and the ability to scale quickly with a sustainable approach,” said Sergio Nunez de Arco, president and founder of Andean Naturals Inc., in a press release. “Our team is excited to be a part of Ardent Mills, offering a similar values-based culture and solid vision for growth.”