New research on NuLiv Science’s ActiGin finds potential mechanism of action for exercise recovery benefits

June 27, 2019

A study recently published in the Journal of Functional Foods1 found that a proprietary combination of Panax notoginseng and Rosa roxburghii (ActiGin), from NuLiv Science (Brea, CA), restored human muscle satellite cells following exercise. ActiGin is standardized to 5 mg of Rg1, a steroidal component in Parax ginseng that is supposed to support high intensity exercise performance in humans. Satellite cells in muscles contribute nuclei to myofibers damaged during intense exercise for repair, and the availability of satellite cells determine the resilience of muscle against physical challenges.

In the double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study, 12 young men either took ActiGin or placebo one hour because exercise, and researchers took muscle biopsies before, immediately after, and three hours after exercise. Researchers observed that both the placebo and supplement group experienced elevations in the levels of inflammatory biomarker TNF-α following exercise. In the placebo group, this increase was concurrent with a 36% depletion of satellite cells which were rapidly recovered three hours after exercise, however, this depletion was attenuated in the supplement group. Depletion of glutathione was also absent in subjects taking ActiGin, while the total glutathione in skeletal muscle was significantly reduced three hours after exercise in the placebo group.

Researchers attribute the attenuation of satellite cell depletion to the more than 80% increase in myogenic gene expression (myogenic factor 5 and myogenic regulatory factor 4) in subjects taking ActiGin. This increase occurred immediately after exercise. Myogenesis, the formation of muscular tissue, requires the induction of myogenic factor 5, which is involved with the activation of satellite cells from their progenitors, explain the researchers.

“ActiGin continues to demonstrate a high standard in our industry as it relates to supporting energy, stamina, and recovery. With a fifth human clinical study now complete, ActiGin is ramping up as the go-to ingredient for stamina and recovery products,” said NuLiv Science president, Richard Wang, in a press release.


1. Wu J et al. “Satellite cells depletion in exercising human skeletal muscle is restored by ginseng component Rg1 supplementation.” Journal of Functional Foods, vol. 58 (2019): 27-33