Hemp CBD extract supports sleep, reduces appetite, and improves quality of life in study

July 1, 2019

A recent randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study conducted by the Center for Applied Health Sciences (CAHS) found that a hemp oil extract (PlusCBD Oil Gold Formula softgel) manufactured by CV Sciences (Las Vegas, NV) supported sleep, reduced appetite, and improved the overall quality of life. In the study, 65 overweight, but otherwise healthy men and women took either one softgel of hemp extract or a placebo containing olive oil every day for six weeks. During these six weeks, subjects following a normal diet and a routine of low intensity physical activity.

Results showed that those taking the hemp extract experiences a 6% reduction in appetite, a 22% improvement in sleep quality, a 21% improvement in sleep quantity, and a 12.5% improvement in pleasure from life. Future and ongoing analysis, say the researchers, will examine changes in stress resilience, autonomic nervous system function, body composition, inflammatory cytokines, adipokines, and targeted gene expression.

“According to the National Institutes of Health, more than one-third of adults report daytime sleepiness so severe that it interferes with work, driving, and social functioning at least a few days each month,” said Joseph Dowling, chief executive officer of CV Sciences, in a press release. “As the industry leader, we are committed to advancing research and education to help more and more consumers realize the many benefits of hemp CBD supplementation.”

“This study is an important contribution for all stakeholders, as it represents the first randomized clinical trial that we are aware of regarding the safety and efficacy of multi-constituent hemp CBD extract in healthy human subjects, and we hope it will serve as a template for further research into the many potential benefits of this fascinating compound,” said Hector Lopez, MD, CMO, and co-founder of CAHS, in a press release.