Protix opens world’s largest insect protein manufacturing facility

July 8, 2019

Protix (The Netherlands) has opened the world’s largest processing plant for insect protein. Much of what is produced at the new, 14,000-sq-meter facility is protein for sustainable animal feed, including protein meal and lipids for feeding pigs, chicken, fish, and domestic animals. The main insect used is the black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) that are “organic byproducts from local distilleries, food producers, and vegetable collectors.”

“Protix has now fully transitioned into a commercially operating company with the new facility as proof of our progress,” says Kees Aarts, founder and CEO of Protix. “We are leading the way here, technically, operationally, and commercially. The new fully automated processing solution provides a major quality increase with consistency improvements. This opening of the new facility therefore marks a major transition, not only for our company, but also for the entire sector, and the markets we are producing for.”

The insect company Protix continues its joint venture with food producer Bühler (Switzerland). Through the joint venture, Bühler Insect Technology Solutions, the companies are seeking to grow insect protein’s commercial market.

Andreas Aepli, CEO of Bühler Insect Technology Solutions, said in a press release: “Protix pioneered what many others only talk about—insect production at a truly industrial scale, with world-class quality and safety standards. Congratulations on this momentous achievement. We are proud to have played a major part in this project, and are looking forward to supporting Protix in their ambitious growth plan.”