Quicksilver Scientific fast-tracks new immune support product

May 5, 2020

Due to the demand of immune health products, Quicksilver Scientific (Louisville, CO) has fast-tracked the launch of its new product Liposomal Vitamin C + Elderberry which was originally scheduled to launch in Q3 of 2020. The product contains black elderberry, vitamins C and E, and features the Quicksilver Delivery system, which the firm says facilitates the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream in order to bypass the digestive process that would typically degrade or limit absorption.

"As consumers look for products that can help them maintain optimal health, they are turning to supplements such as Vitamin C and Elderberry," said Christopher Shade, PhD, founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific, in a press release. "At Quicksilver Scientific, we recognized this consumer demand, and while we had Liposomal Vitamin C+ Elderberry in our product pipeline for the fall – when we typically see interest around these type of products increase — we fast tracked this formula to get it to consumers during this time of need.”