Bovine colostrum from PanTheryx now self-affirmed GRAS

December 13, 2019

PanTheryx (Boulder, CO) announced that an independent expert panel has affirmed its bovine colostrum as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for specific food and beverage uses. Bovine colostrum is the milk produced by cows in the first few days after giving birth that is rich is nutrients, including immunoglobulins, as well as immune and growth factors that provide GI, immune, and other important health benefits.

“Although GRAS is a U.S.-specific FDA regulatory designation for ingredients in foods and beverages, it also carries international relevance,” said Mark Braman, CEO of PanTheryx, in a press release. “Being recognized as GRAS will help PanTheryx enter new countries and categories to broadly market our proprietary bovine colostrum. We are actively engaging with partners to develop functional foods and beverages containing colostrum, including in growing-up milks, yogurts, nutrition bars, and other products. This marks a significant milestone for the development of new, natural and safe solutions for gut and immune health.”