New testing confirms high antioxidant content of upcycled CoffeeFruit Pure ingredient

December 21, 2019

CoffeeFruit Pure, an upcycled ingredient produced by recycling the fruit surrounding the coffee bean, is a strong antioxidant source, as confirmed by new testing announced by the ingredient's distributor Ingredients By Nature (Montclair, CA).

CoffeeFruit Pure is produced through what the company describes as an “all-natural, specialized production process, which preserves the fruit and pulp.” During coffee making, up to 24 million tons of waste is produced from discarding the outer fruit and pulp of the coffee cherry. CoffeeFruit Pure turns these byproducts into a “potent and wholesome ingredient,” the firm said in a press release.

Recently conducted independent tests confirmed that CoffeeFruit Pure contains high levels of antioxidants, including polyphenols and chlorogenic acid, “which surpass the capacity of other fruit-derived superfoods,” said Stuart Nixon, business development director for CoffeeFruit Pure, in a press release. “The antioxidant levels of the cherry, along with the high potency of additional key nutrients within it, allow us to make an ingredient that suits most formulation applications across a wide spectrum of sought-out benefits. The recent test results reveal CoffeeFruit Pure as a potent and efficacious choice for various health solutions"—including blood sugar, digestive health, heart health, skin health, metabolic health, and sports recovery. 

Tests also show that the other key naturally occurring nutrients in CoffeeFruit Pure include magnesium, potassium, and dietary fiber, making the ingredient an ideal addition to a multivitamin formulation, the company points out.