INS Farms obtains distribution rights to Asiros Berry Shield ingredients

December 2, 2019

INS Farms (Purdy, MO) has obtained the exclusive distribution rights of all Asiros Berry Shield ingredients for North America and Australia. Asiros (Copenhagen, Denmark) specializes in berry extract ingredients, such as tart cherry, bilberry, elderberry, red currant, and black currant to name a few. The firm’s proprietary delivery system called Berry Shield, protects the biomarker polyphenols in each berry species from degradation, delivering more of the active content.

“Organoleptically, Asiros’ berry ingredients are viable for foods and beverages as the powders retain the vibrant colors, tastes and aromas,” said Devon Bennet, co-founder of INS Farms, in a press release. “They are also water-soluble, free of carriers and do not need to be spray dried or have maltodextrin or MGOH2 added. All Asiros’ berry extracts are standardized for both anthocyanins and polyphenols using advanced analytical equipment and test methods that provide consistent accurate results.”

“[Asiros and INS Farms] are very much aligned as berry ingredient suppliers that are vertically integrated, controlling the quality straight from the fields to the final delivery form,” added Bennet. “We are also both aligned with sustainability and environmentally friendly priorities, as well as transparency and traceability.”