Lycored’s Cardiomato may support blood pressure, says recent study

August 26, 2019

A recently published double-blind, randomized trial1 found that supplementation with tomato carotenoids containing a standardized lycopene content (Cardiomato by Lycored; Orange, NJ), may improve blood pressure in hypertensive patients. In the study, 61 volunteers between the ages of 35 and 60 years of age were given either a tomato nutrient complex standardized to 5, 15, or 30 mg lycopene, 15 mg of synthetic lycopene, or placebo.

Results showed that treatment with tomato nutrient complex containing 15 mg and 30 mg lycopene was associated with significant reductions in mean systolic blood pressure. Similar effects were not observed with the tomato nutrient complex containing 5 mg lycopene or the 15 mg of synthetic lycopene. Results also showed that the rate of reduction between the 15 mg and 30 mg tomato nutrient complex for systolic blood pressure was almost parallel, suggesting that 15 mg lycopene is both necessary and sufficient to normalize systolic blood pressure.

“This research reflects the evolution of our cardio-metabolic journey. One of its aims was to compare the effects on blood pressure of pure synthetic lycopene as a standalone with that of the entire nutrient and carotenoid mixture from the tomato,” said Karin Hermoni, PhD, head of science and nutrition at Lycored, in a press release. “The results suggest that the myriad active nutrients our extract contains work synergistically to drive significant benefits.”


1. Wolak T et al. “Effect of tomato nutrient complex on blood pressure: a double blind, randomized dose-response study.” Nutrients, vol. 11, no. 5 (2019): 950