IQ Lab to launch water soluble micelle encapsulated CBD

February 10, 2020

IQ Lab is launching CBD Water Soluble Micelle NanoTechnology in the UK. The firm’s proprietary micellar-nano technology produces a highly bioavailable CBD molecule that is less that 100 nanometers. The micellar technology helps overcome challenges of poor absorption as well as product stability, and allows for a homogenous CBD formulation that is easy to flavor. According to IQ Labs, the micellar technology increased the absorption rate for CBD from 1-2% to 8-9%.

Without the risk of oil and water separation, IQ Lab’s water soluble CBD can be incorporated into ready-to-drink beverages such as coffee (and coffee pods), teas, as well as water soluble powder formulations. It is also the first CBD oil that can be incorporated into hot beverages with separation of water and fat molecules, says IQ Lab.

The ingredient will make its debut at the Hemp and CBD Expo taking place on February 29 to March 1, 2020 at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK.