Ingredients by Nature targets esports with new citrus flavonoid ingredient

January 17, 2020

Ingredients by Nature (Montclair, CA) launched an esports ingredient called Eriomin Esport. Made of citrus flavonoids derived from lemons, Eriomin addresses oxidative stress, inflammation, and blood glucose levels, all of which have an impact on gamers. According to the firm, as potent antioxidants, the citrus flavonoids help neurons communicate optimally to support quick thinking during play, and reduces eye strain but supporting the health of the macula. By supporting healthy inflammation, Eriomin improves post-gaming recovery and minimizes damage from earphones. By supporting healthy glucose, Eriomin seeks to sustain the attention, focus, and energy of gamers who might otherwise turn to sugary foods and beverages.

“The video game industry has surpassed both the movie and music industries in annual revenue, and it will continue to grow as technology continues to advance. There is no better time than now to provide health solutions for esports professionals and casual gamers both,” said Rob Brewster, president of Ingredients by Nature, in a press release. “Eriomin has shown significant results in its multiple clinical studies and Eriomin Esport delivers that same multi-functional benefit to gamers by delivering a healthier competitive edge.”

Eriomin can be combined with other ingredients such as CoffeeFruit Pure, yerba mate, oat straw, rhodiola rosea, and guarana to enhance its effects. “The benefits of Eriomin go beyond just prediabetes management,” added Brewster. “Our Esports application is the next step to fulfill our vision of an Eriomin line that helps address multiple health categories from multiple angles.”