Epax commits $35 million to expand capacity and boost innovation in marine oils

October 4, 2019

Epax (Ålesund, Norway) will be investing $35 million over the next two years to increase its capacity and innovate in the omega-3 sector. As part of the investment, the company will expand the capacity of its main production facility in Ålesund for a more than 50% increase in output by 2021, and a new manufacturing facility will provide raw materials for new and specialized marine ingredients. Epax intends to implement a new distillation process that increases EPA and DHA concentration without triggering oxidation, producing concentrations as high as 70% by weight.

“As a leading producer of highly concentrated omega-3, and a company with a proud history of innovation, we have a responsibility to push the limits of what is possible. This substantial investment will create new possibilities for the marine ingredients sector in terms of concentration, purity and quality,” Bjørn Refsum, CEO of Epax, in a press release. “We’re particularly excited about our new distillation process, which we believe is the most effective and environmentally friendly way to achieve high levels of EPA and DHA without creating unwanted by-products and waste materials.”