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Weight Management Nutrition

Weight Management Nutrition

A new U.S. survey found that consumers ranked sugar- and fat-containing foods as most likely to cause weight gain, when in fact high starch consumption is a leading cause.

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Researchers observed improvements to metabolism, blood sugar, and appetite control after just three days of participants consuming bread made from barley kernels.

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Steviva says the “single-location sourcing ensures dependable, consistent flavor” of its new BraziliaSweet RA95 and BraziliaSweet 95–60 stevia extracts.

The researchers performed three types of studies post-oral ingestion in Wistar rats: acute, sub-acute, and chronic toxicity.

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Chr. Hansen intends to develop an advanced formulation of Caelus Health's CP-001 probiotic strain for upcoming phase II clinical studies.

Can ion-polarization technology help drink manufacturers cut their use of ingredients like added sugar?


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