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Weight Management

Weight Management

“I personally feel that the claim of appetite suppression or weight management is raising hopes in the consumer’s mind thinking they’re going to get faster results than they actually will,” said Orgenetics's Saumil Maheshvari.

Yay or nay: What does the latest research say about green tea for weight management?

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Sales of non-dairy milk grew by 9% in 2015, while sales of dairy milk decreased by 7%, according to new Mintel data.

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New consumer research from DuPont Nutrition & Health suggests consumers prefer the flavor of high-protein beverages formulated with both dairy and soy proteins.

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Chr. Hansen intends to develop an advanced formulation of Caelus Health's CP-001 probiotic strain for upcoming phase II clinical studies.

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Early research into whey’s potential to fight against sarcopenia has marketers and consumers looking at whey protein in a new light.

The suppliers of FB3, a new herbal-based weight-management ingredient introduced earlier this year, have created a new beverage with the ingredient, called FB3 Fusion.


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