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Webcasts/E-Books/White Papers

Functional powder systems have a variety of applications in the food, beverage, flavor, and dietary supplements markets. In some cases, the powder-blending process is straightforward. At other times, such as when blends require customization, multi-ingredient systems, or multi-step processes, it is critical for marketers to partner with a knowledgeable third-party manufacturing expert. This summary will help viewers understand some of the major considerations in custom blending and how to select a blending partner to get the best outcome for their product.

Over the course of this eBook, we’re going to shine the nutraceutical ingredient spotlight on three versatile industry favorites that are primed for supplement success through 2018 and ask some key questions about one of the trickiest supplement claims out there.

In Nutritional Outlook’s eBook on Advantages of a Clean and Transparent Supply Chain, learn about which supplement categories are making gains in this area and how organic ingredient suppliers are responding.

Transforming a fine, dusty powder into a granular, free-flowing one requires special custom blending and/or manufacturing expertise. This webcast will help you select a company who can help you engineer the perfect blend.

Clean-label formulating is the new global standard among both consumers and companies. For formulators, there are numerous ways in which to “clean up” a product’s label. In this e-book, we look at some of the most powerful tools in the clean-label toolbox, including solutions for beverages, dairy, energy drinks, and more.

Market research suggests that probiotics will be the fastest growing of all supplement categories in North America for the next several years. Is your company ready to meet this growing demand? In this Nutritional Outlook eBook on The Future of Probiotics: Advances in Research, Testing, and Formulation (sponsored by Pharmachem), experts explain why this market is hot and highlight areas of potential growth such as sports nutrition. Also, learn about how a new cell counting technique is changing how we think about the quality and efficacy of probiotics.

In 2020: Trends & Predictions for the Nutraceutical Industry, learn about the most important issues facing the nutraceuticals industry and which trends finished products makers should put on their radars.


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