Verdure Sciences’ Pomella Pomegranate Extract Obtains Self-Affirmed GRAS Status

Dec 7, 2017

After an “extensive and comprehensive” review by an independent panel of experts, botanical ingredients supplier Verdure Sciences (Noblesville, IN) announced that its patented pomegranate extract, Pomella, has obtained self-affirmed Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status.

According to Verdure, Pomella pomegranate extract delivers “readily absorbed, measurable, and efficacious punicalagins and metabolites and is known to promote a wide range of health benefits.” Punicalagins and their metabolites, notes the company, deliver an array of antioxidant-related health benefits. Pomella was developed for use in dietary supplements, functional foods, cosmeceuticals, and more.

Sonya Cropper, vice president of marketing and innovation, Verdure Sciences, commented on Pomella’s newly obtained status in a press statement from the company: “This new self-GRAS status marks a milestone for the Pomella brand. The Pomella portfolio continues to set industry standards for pomegranate and, in particular, punicalagin research, which we believe will support its success worldwide in a variety of applications and deliverables.”

All grades of Verdure’s Pomella Extract (which include Pomella FG [food grade] and Pomella Organic, among others) now have self-GRAS status.