Sensient Acquires Water-Extraction Innovator Mazza

July 13, 2018

Sensient Technologies (Milwaukee, WI) has acquired Mazza Innovation Ltd. (Vancouver, BC, Canada). Mazza's patented PhytoClean solvent-free, water-based extraction technology will now benefit the production of Sensient’s natural and organic plant-based ingredients. The companies describe PhytoClean as “a water-based extraction process that concentrates bioactives by pressurizing water at moderate temperatures, greatly increasing the water’s ability to solubilize bioactive compounds from botanical sources.” The benefits include botanical extracts of greater yield and higher purity compared to extracts produced using chemical solvents, the companies say.

“The addition of Mazza Innovation is a major step in the evolution of Sensient’s ‘seed to shelf’ strategy to innovate across the value chain for natural and organic ingredients,” says a Sensient press release. “Mazza’s patented, solvent-free, clean extraction technology expands current extraction capabilities to deliver pure and clean color, flavor, functional nutraceutical, and skincare ingredients.”

In a press release, Mike Geraghty, president of Sensient Colors LLC, described how many colors produced from botanicals currently require the use of chemical solvents or high temperatures; however, Mazza’s technology sidesteps those requirements.

Jeremy Thompson, global head of strategy and innovation, Sensient Flavors & Fragrances, describes how Mazza’s technology “enables valuable components of plant materials to be targeted and gently removed simply using water.”

In a press release, Mazza said the acquisition will not affect employment at the company’s expanding Delta, BC, Canada, facility. Mazza Innovation CEO Benjamin Lightburn said in a press release, “The acquisition by Sensient provides Mazza with a large new customer base and a wide variety of new opportunities for our environmentally friendly extraction technology.”