Resveratrol Stars in New Nutricosmetic Dissolvable Film Strip

Sep 6, 2017

Swedish wellness firm Nutrinovate (Taby, Sweden) recently announced that it will be including Evolva’s (Reinach, Switzerland) new resveratrol ingredient Veri-te in its range of healthy-aging nutricosmetic skincare products. Evolva, an ingredient supplier specializing in fermentation-derived ingredients like stevia, nootkatone, and resveratrol, announced earlier this year that it would be branding its resveratrol ingredients under the trade name Veri-te. The products in Nutrinovate’s Reserol line combine Evolva’s Veri-te resveratrol ingredient and Nutrinovate’s Functional Film Technology (FFT), a dissolvable oral film strip system that enables the resveratrol to be delivered to the body through the inside of the cheek.

Magnus Nillson-Val, CEO, Nutrinovate, explained the unique delivery technology in a press release from the company: “We see Functional Film Technology as a game changer in the food supplement business. It is a perfect carrier for ingredients like Veri-te resveratrol, where absorption is critical and challenging. From our perspective, the range of new products is huge. Evolva will definitely be a preferred partner for our future business development projects.”

Resveratrol is a polyphenol found in red grapes, blueberries, and nuts, among other plant sources, and is said to act as a defense mechanism against environmental stressors, with resulting benefits for bone health, heart health, blood glucose control, brain health, and skin health. Nutrinovate notes that scientific research on the healthy-aging benefits of resveratrol is increasing—there were over 1,100 studies published on the topic in 2016 alone, the company says. As research demonstrating the skin-health benefits of resveratrol continues to mount, the company says, products like Reserol that boost skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles are becoming increasingly popular.

Evolva’s resveratrol is produced using an “innovative yeast fermentation process, a sustainable alternative to current supply chains, and one that also ensures the highest resveratrol purity and consistency,” says Evolva. In addition, Veri-te is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, making it idea for use in a wide range of applications, including in capsules, tablets, chews, food and beverage formulations, and even cosmetics. Veri-te has also achieved EU Novel Food status, U.S. self-affirmed Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status, and Pharma Grade status.

“Evolva is very pleased that Veri-te was chosen as the source of resveratrol for these products,” said Angela Tsetsis, senior vice president, Evolva Health & Wellness, in the press release. “We are excited to be such a central part of this innovative product. Nutrinovate’s founders are already proving to be highly motivated and successful in developing both their sales channels and product portfolio. We look forward to growing with them in the future.”

Each Reserol dissolvable strip contains 20 mg of Veri-te resveratrol, with a recommended daily dose of 6 film strips. The strips come in plain and mint flavors. The company says it also plans to develop additional film-strip products, including a film strip combining Veri-te resveratrol with vitamins.

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