NOW collecting consumers’ used tubes, pouches for new recycling program

Aug 9, 2018

NOW (Bloomingdale, IL) is collecting consumers’ empty, used flexible packaging, such as NOW’s food and supplement pouches and toothpaste tubes, that are typically not accepted by municipal recycling programs. The packaging is sent to recycling company TerraCycle, which assists eco-conscious brands in creating and funding recycling programs.

The program provides consumers with two options: 1) printing out a free shipping label to mail back empty packaging at no cost, or 2) NOW will also offer retail customers free, branded collection bins in which shoppers can use for drop-off.

For every pound of waste sent to TerraCycle, $1 will be donated to a nonprofit, school, or charitable organization of the retailer’s choice. Once collected, the waste is melted down into pellets and eventually molded into new packaging.

This new program is part of NOW’s larger environmental initiative that has included using recycled boxes (saving 12,000 trees annually), diverting 100% of its e-waste from landfills, and recycling 400 tons of material each year.

It’s important to note that this program only pertains to NOW-branded packaging.