Natoli Acquires Carlisle Precision Machining Encapsulation

Apr 10, 2018

Tablet compression parts and services specialist Natoli Engineering Company, Inc. (St. Charles, MO), has acquired Carlisle Precision Machining (CPM; Nampa, ID), a company that specializes in aftermarket change and spare parts for Bosch-type encapsulation machines used in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. As a subsidiary of Natoli, CPM has been renamed Carlisle Precision Encapsulation Parts.

In a press statement from Natoli, the company said that this acquisition will expand the company’s refurbishment services and enable it to provide its customers with a wider range of custom encapsulation solutions. Some of the encapsulation parts manufactured by Carlisle Precision Encapsulation Parts include dosing disks, segments, alignment pins, sorting blocks, and magazine assemblies. The company said that Carlisle Precision Encapsulation Parts also offers training and consulting services.

Dale Natoli, president, Natoli, commented on the acquisition in the press statement: “We are very excited to have Carlisle as part of the Natoli family of companies. We look forward to bringing the same industry leadership and high level of customer service to the encapsulation machine replacement parts market as we have supplied to the tablet tooling industry for many years.”

In addition to tablet compression, Natoli also offers tablet press replacement parts, tooling and press refurbishing services, analytical inspection equipment, technical training courses, and tablet compression accessories. In addition, Natoli offers AIM Data Acquisition and Analytical Software for tablet and capsule research, development, and manufacturing.