Going Non-GMO: Be Realistic—and Start Early

May 13, 2015

Food and supplement manufacturers seeking non-GMO supply chains and programs must have a realistic understanding of the timeframes and effort involved.

By Maureen Kingsley


With strong demand for non-GMO dietary supplements and health-food ingredients showing no sign of lessening, now is a good time for food and supplement manufacturers interested in removing GMOs from their products to take action. But where to start? Nutritional Outlook got some tips from Kelly Mae Heroux, marketing manager of FoodChain ID, part of Global ID Group (Fairfield, IA), a provider of testing, third-party consultation, and certification regarding genetic modification in food and agricultural products.

Pressure from both consumers and industry has already resulted in the development of more-established, more-global non-GMO-ingredient supply chains, says Heroux. For example, FoodChain ID, which provides Non-GMO Project Verification services, now works with non-GMO-ingredient suppliers in 96 countries and counting. “We also co-initiated the Non-GMO Working Group along with supplement industry leader MegaFood,” Heroux adds, to unite supplement manufacturers in demanding access to and full disclosure from ingredient partners.

While food and supplement manufacturers might be keen to take advantage of these new supply chains and programs, they are urged to approach sourcing non-GMO ingredients with a realistic understanding of the timeframes and effort involved.

The following slides provide some expert guidance and tips for those companies who are up to the challenge.




Photo © iStockphoto.com/mipan