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Mediterranean Citrus Ingredient May Help Men Lose Fat, Keep Muscle

Fytexia’s Sinetrol gets a third promising study and obtains approval from Health Canada for weight management support.


Omega-3 Intake Shows “No Overall Association” with Prostate Cancer, According to New Study

The latest meta-analysis is another rebuke to the much-criticized 2013 prostate cancer study that took a toll on the omega-3 market.


Pygeum Supplies Are Short, Company Offers Alternative from the Plum Tree

The ingredient has a botanical profile 98.5% similar to pygeum’s, the company says.


SupplySide West: Maca Ingredient for Natural Libido, Sex Health

Macador is the first maca extract to be standardized to amino acids, the company claims.


Follow-Up on Omega-3s and Prostate Cancer: Inconclusive

Remember that Ohio State study that linked omega-3s to prostate cancer? Well, here's your update to that.


Beyond Testosterone: Men’s Health and Dietary Supplements

Keeping aging men healthy takes more than just addressing testosterone. Why supplements are a more holistic approach.


Prostate Health Ingredient Blends Tomato Extract, Curcumin, and Omega-3

Lyc-O-Pro's key ingredient is LycoRed's standardized tomato extract.


Quercetin May Boost Green Tea’s Effect Against Prostate Cancer, Mouse Study Says

A new mouse study indicates that quercetin—a flavonoid derived from onions, apples, and red wine—may boost the bioavailability of green tea polyphenols for fighting prostate cancer.


Tongkat Ali Gains Approval

GRAS status and approval from Health Canada complement emerging science on the benefits of this potential testosterone booster.


Insoluble Cranberry PACs Show Urinary Health Potential

Research on the newly discovered insoluble PACs is showing benefits similar to those found with soluble versions.

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