SupplySide West: New Prebiotic for Infant Formula and Functional Food, Drinks

Bioligo GL 5700 IMF remains stable during high-temperature processing and low-pH applications.


Can Turmeric Help With Digestive Disorders?

Canadian researchers are planning an extensive review of applicable turmeric studies.


Gluten May Be Causing Celiac ‘Brain Fog’

A yearlong study on celiacs finds gluten may be responsible for cognitive problems in this population group.

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Are Nanoparticles in Supplement Beverages Harmful?

According to study researchers, the nanoparticles in dietary supplement drinks may decrease the number of villi in the small intestine.

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First Probiotic Health Claim Approved in Europe. Is EU Approval Next?

Finally, Europe gets its first probiotic health claim approved. Could this pave the way to an EU claim?


Probiotics in Aloe Are Very Acid-Tolerant

The latest study on aloe probiotics suggests these bacterial strains could remain alive throughout the human digestive tract.


Agave Inulin May Aid Digestion

Agave isn't just for preparing tequila. It's a rich source of inulin that, until recently, was lacking clinical trials on digestive health.


Can Celiacs Eat Quinoa?

A long-term consumption study brings us closer to the answer.


Children with Celiac Disease Tolerate Two Oat Varieties

Are some oat varieties less immunogenic than others?


Catalytic Converters

Enzymes for health and beyond

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