New Studies Point to Vitamin D for Lower Blood Pressure, but Research Still Limited

The Vitamin D Council, a nonprofit group, has updated its health summary with studies from 2013 and 2014 looking at the link between vitamin D and blood pressure.


New Meta-Analysis: Omega-3 Lowers Blood Pressure

The meta-analysis is the first to include a study base this broad—70 randomized controlled trials.


Soluble Plant Sterol: Better for Beverages

The company’s new CardioCare ingredient is a crystalline-form plant sterol that is directly emulsified.


First North American Study Supports Whole Grape Extract for Lower Cholesterol

The study is the first North American, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to examine grape extract for cholesterol health.


Hypertension During Pregnancy May Relate to Magnesium Deficiency

Researchers connect magnesium supplementation with healthier blood pressure readings in pregnant women.


Amla Fruit: Anti-Clotting Without the Bleeding?

The modest anti-clotting effect of amla may be preferred to aspirin and anti-clotting drugs.


Canada Approves Flax Health Claim for Lower Cholesterol

The health claim will relate to whole and milled flax products.


Get Ready for Krill Gummies

Aker BioMarine says it can help manufacturers make these in 2014.


Ingredient Spotlight: Spirulina

A trusted nutritional supplement with newly discovered health benefits and uses


CoQ10 Can Play Role in Statin Therapy

Research continues to link statin therapy to CoQ10 losses.

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