Nutritional Outlook Staff

Tim Baudler

Tim Baudler joined Canon Communications (now UBM Canon) in 2005 as an account executive for Nutritional Outlook and now serves as brand director for the magazine. Tim is well known in the industry as a fun, upbeat, and energetic advertising consultant who truly cares about his clients and provides them with unparalleled service. He is originally from Iowa and has been in the advertising/publishing industry for nearly 20 years, with experience at such renowned companies as Gannett Corp., Time Inc., and Meredith Corp. Few people know about his prior work experience in elementary education and on-air news reporting, as well as his experience of being a survivor of brain cancer nearly 25 years ago.



Jennifer Grebow

Jennifer Grebow is dedicated to ensuring that Nutritional Outlook provides crucial and accurate information to its readers. Believing that an industry publication is responsible for setting a tone and establishing a dialogue with its members, she seeks to continually enhance her team’s knowledge of the industry and the issues that matter most to its business. Jennifer joined Canon Communications (now UBM Canon) in 2000. Prior to joining Nutritional Outlook as editor-in-chief in 2009, she served as lead editor of another Canon Communications publication. A graduate of Occidental College in Los Angeles, Jennifer has resided in the L.A. area since leaving her home state of Hawaii in 1996.

Michael Crane

Michael Crane joined Nutritional Outlook in 2015 as an associate editor. Coming from a background of reporting and editing for several community newspapers in the San Diego area, Michael is dedicated to covering the latest in research and regulations, with an ear toward the larger trends at play in the nutraceutical industry. He firmly believes that well-informed manufacturers lead to healthier and more empowered consumers, especially when it comes to dietary supplements. Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in English and World Literature from Pitzer College in Claremont, CA.


Beth Berner

Beth Berner joined Canon Communications (now UBM Canon) in 2004, initially contributing to the development and execution of marketing projects. In 2008, she transitioned into sales, using her marketing background to her clients’ advantage by helping them develop strategically driven advertising programs that reflect the fast-paced changes of integrated media. She loves people—and dogs(!), including her golden retriever Grady.



Dixie and Coconut

As Nutritional Outlook’s official mascots, Dixie and Coconut are in charge of maintaining team morale.