Botanical “Alertness” Formula Files U.S. Patent for Combatting “Post-Lunch” Energy Dip

Apr 5, 2018

A company called Inno-Bev Ltd. (Tel Aviv) has filed a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a new, plant-based alertness formula, WakeUp. The company says that the WakeUp formula, which comes in both liquid supplement and ready-to-drink beverage formats, is formulated to counteract the “post-lunch dip” in energy and alertness, but can provide an energy boost in the morning or evening, as well. Inno-Bev says it is currently seeking partnerships with leading U.S. beverage and supplement companies for WakeUp.

The U.S. patent is for the WakeUp formula, which consists of several plant extracts, including guarana, Ginkgo biloba, and elderberry. The formula is sweetened with a low-glycemic fruit extract and is well-suited for use in cereals and dairy solutions, too.

According to the company, WakeUp is a “non-caffeinated” beverage, though it does contain guarana, a natural stimulant. The company says that WakeUp is ideal for consumers who want the energy and alertness benefits of caffeine without the jitteriness or energy crash often associated with other caffeinated products.

Eli Faraggi, founder, CEO, Inno-Bev, stated in a press release: “Our internal clock helps regulate sleep patterns, feeding behavior, hormone release, and blood pressure. WakeUp alertness drink is designed to help consumers balance that internal clock.”

In the press statement, the company pointed to data from Innova Market Insights indicating that “green” energy drinks are growing in popularity and are likely to have “a major impact on the energy drink/alertness/stimulation category moving forward.” He added that “major beverage brands are investing huge sums in healthy, science-based beverages.”

According to Inno-Bev, a study1 published in the Israel Medical Association Journal found that drinking WakeUp after lunch may help to “improve vigilance and performance.” The company say that three additional studies conducted with third-party partners have also found that WakeUp may help to counteract fatigue and help to balance the body’s circadian rhythm. Risa Schulman, PhD, science and regulatory specialis at consultation firm Tap~Root, explained in the press release from the company that in those studies, WakeUp “was shown to overcome the post-lunch dip/morning inertia, and improve vigilance, focus, and work performance with no tolerance effect or side effects.

Said Faraggi: “We believe our scientifically supported and ready-to-market approach will disrupt the energy category. Our business model includes joint ventures and licensing of the Inno-Bev IP, either by application or by market segment. WakeUp also can be readily integrated into existing consumer brands.”

In addition to WakeUp, Inno-Bev also offers Rhythm for beverages.

  1. Kassis et al., “Double-blind placebo and active (caffeine) controlled study to examine the effects of the herbal nutritional supplement beverage “Wake Up” on vigilance and function after lunch,” Israel Medical Association Journal, vol. 15 (August 2013): 419-423