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Vitamin D Deficiency Associated with Low BMD in Women with Hyperparathyroidism

Vitamin D Deficiency Associated with Low BMD in Women with Hyperparathyroidism

Photo © iStockphoto.com/archives
Photo © iStockphoto.com/archives

Vitamin D levels have long been researched for links to bone health, but a new study out of South Korea explores the relationship between vitamin D deficiencies and bone health specifically in people with hyperparathyroidism (PHPT). Researchers found the postmenopausal women with PHPT and vitamin D deficiency had lower bone mineral density than women with sufficient levels of vitamin D.

Researchers investigated the bone mineral density (BMD), trabecular bone score (TBS), and hip geometry by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry in 79 older adults with PHPT. Subjects included 27 men with a median age of 60 years, and 52 postmenopausal women with a median age of 57 years. All cross-sectional data, including 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels, was collected from an ongoing PHPT cohort study conducted at Seoul National University Hospital from 2008–2015.

After adjusting for age and body mass index, researchers found that women with vitamin D deficiencies had lower BMDs of the femur neck and lumbar spine than women with sufficient vitamin D levels. Total hip BMD and TBS were not significantly different between the two groups, but the hip geometry analysis revealed signs of deteriorated hip geometry in the women with vitamin D deficiencies, including significantly lower cross-sectional area, cross-sectional moment of inertia, and section modulus. No significant differences for the assessed markers of bone health were found in men with PHPT and vitamin D deficiencies.

“Vitamin D deficiency may be associated with a low BMD and deteriorated hip geometry in postmenopausal women with PHPT,” researchers concluded.


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Michael Crane
Associate Editor
Nutritional Outlook Magazine
[email protected]


Lee JH et al., “Skeletal effects of vitamin D deficiency among patients with primary hyperparathyroidism,” Osteoporosis International. Published online February 7, 2017.

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