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The company says the research will be the first to study the impact of MenaQ7 vitamin K MK-7 on calcium metabolism in vivo.

The study is said to be the first to examine the effects of curcumin on bone density in humans.

A recent challenge-model study has shown that DuPont Nutrition & Health’s proprietary probiotic strain Bifidobacterium lactis BI-04 (in the form of commercially available Howaru Protect Adult) has the potential to help maintain healthy respiratory immune function.

The authors conclude that short- and long-term creatine supplementation in dosages up to 30 g/day for up to five years has no adverse side effects, improves athletic performance, and can potentially help prevent injury and promote recovery.

The proprietary ingredient was proven in a clinical study to be effective in helping reduce waist circumference in overweight adults.

ArteroProtect vitaminK2 and octacosanol supplement may lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and raise HDL cholesterol.

“Testosterone exerts multiple effects on the body, and libido/anabolic effects (where the market started) are not necessarily the most important ones,” says Gencor’s Paul Clayton.


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