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Recent studies indicate magnesium’s growing importance for mental health, arterial flexibility, and metabolic function.

The clinical study found that the polyphenol-rich blend of botanical extracts can alleviate muscle soreness and shorten athletes’ time to recovery.

Recent studies show whey protein’s benefits in cases of sarcopenia, high blood pressure, and more.

The results of the human intervention study showed that Probi's proprietary probiotic strains may suppress celiac autoimmunity and may delay onset of the disease among children genetically predisposed to it.

The study is the latest product of a long-term collaboration that Rimfrost established with the University of Bergen for the purpose of learning more about the biological effects and mechanisms of action of proteins and lipids derived from Antarctic krill.

Scientists are just beginning to scratch the surface of this expansive arena. And while the opportunities seem endless, many challenges still need resolution. 

The Carbohydrate, Appetite Reduction, Blood Sugar, and Satiety (CARBS) study found that Salacia extract, as OmniActive’s proprietary OmniLean ingredient, may help to control subjects’ appetites and improve overall satiety.


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