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Dietary recommendations based on DNA testing have industry buzzing, but other forms of personalized nutrition may be better poised to deliver real insights.

How dietary supplement testing changed over two decades

Many have forgotten how essential magnesium is for good health—and how a deficiency could result in myriad issues.

Using OmniActive’s proprietary Lutemax 2020 marigold extract ingredient, researchers sought to determine the potential benefits of macular carotenoid supplementation on blue-absorbing macular pigment, and whether the study subjects’ sleep quality and visual performance might be improved through supplementation with macular carotenoids.

The meta-analysis, comprising 14 randomized, controlled trials featuring 71,899 subjects, found that omega-3s EPA and DHA supplementation may reduce the risk of cardiac death by 8%, and that benefits may be even greater for subjects with elevated triglycerides or LDL cholesterol.

Indena says that Casperome’s “full natural bouquet of triterpenoids” may provide quick relief from symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, with fewer side effects compared to standard drug treatments.

The Global Stevia Institute says this is the first study to determine whether steviol glycosides are modified or not in the extraction and purification processes.


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